SimbiAni (simbiani82) wrote in country__lovers,

LAZYTOWN : "Last One Standing" by Emerson Drive

Fandom/Song/Artist: LAZYTOWN "Last One Standing" by Emerson Drive

Vidded by: SimbiAni Link to Site: (with links to FileFront & YouTube) Details: Footage from my ripped eps :: 3mins40seconds :: 20MB :: WMV :: Notes: Download directions AND lyrics at site ^-^ Will gladly upload any vid to any temp site of your choice if those listed don't work for you! Just comment :D

Summary: Sportacus reminds Stephanie that he will always be there for her, no matter what. Behind The Scenes: Dec2006: Whee, I did it!! And omg, two vids in one week? First time all year! Okay, so already loved this song, and while I was listening to it one day, something about the lyrics and thinking about LT just *clicked* and I was like, oo must vid! After the Cute vid, I was really determined to do a serious one, thus began this. And actually the hardest part ended up being the rendering, because my editor is still demanding lots more memory (vidding uses memory like an SUV eats gasoline! seriously!) and it kept constantly crashing and/or not fully rendering an actual vid from the project. But I kept at it, and finally, here is the awesome result! Enjoy!

Any/all comments will be ADORED! *hugs for feedback* Thank you!

Recc'ed by: TheAkallabeth: "This = :) Very sweet, Simbi." Inspiration0Agent: "This is a cool vid, Simbi. Great as always!" SchooledDemon: "Looks great (as usual). I like the end with the freeze frame, and the dissolve."

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